Home ownership

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Home ownership

Your own home.

Having your own 4 walls is a lifelong dream for many people - we help you to make this dream a reality.

A home - whether a condominium or a single-family house - is not only an investment in your own quality of life, but also gives you a new feeling of freedom and independence. Due to rising prices on the real estate market, however, it has not become easier to build your own home in recent years. HART & HART creates high-quality living space at a very good price-performance ratio - we accompany you from your first idea and help you to achieve your goal.

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We listen to you

For us, the beginning of every property development project is an intensive consultation. We want to find out what your living requirements are and include your future plans in our approach. Based on this, we look for the perfect property for you.



From the first sketch to the finished plan.

Your future house or condominium should be designed around you and not the other way around. That is why your wishes and ideas are the most important guideline for us in architectural planning. In this way, we can take into account and include certain special requests regarding room layout or furnishings from the start.



A new property is being built.

During the construction phase, we make sure that everything runs smoothly. With our construction supervision and monitoring, you can rest easy - we guarantee an excellent end result thanks to our many years of experience. Of course, we will always keep you up to date on the construction progress.

Let's lay the foundation.

We would be happy to join you on the path to owning your own home. Please send us an e-mail or give us a call - we look forward to helping you.